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The Adult Screening and Information Tool is a strengths-based Care Act compliant tool designed to provide information, advice and details of services to help adults live independently in the community. It screens for financial eligibility, suitability across the ten wellbeing domains of the Care Act, and provides a personalised range of recommendations based on the user's needs.

Our unique two-step approach allows citizens to quickly and easily check and obtain an indication of their eligibility for support, and receive suggestions of local services to help meet their needs without having to share personal information. Users can choose to create a personalised brochure of information, advice and services and request a full adult social care assessment. The Adult Screening and Information Tool is currently being used in over 40 local authorities across England. 

Part 1

The first half of the Screening Tool offers a set of questions concerning the individual's needs and financial information, without needing to request their personal data. The results presented will show whether they may benefit from a full assessment of their social care needs and likelihood of financial contribution towards any support.

The tool offers users several benefits, including:

  • No barriers to information as completion is anonymous
  • Screens for capacity, communication difficulties and safeguarding
  • Assesses the user’s financial situation and offers indication of potential contributions
  • Captures independence across the ten Care Act eligibility domains – not deficit led
  • Provides results on likelihood of eligibility and potential benefits of a further assessment
  • Dynamically offers links to information, advice and services relevant to needs, based on postcode
  • Information and services can be curated by the local authority, offering the opportunity for more targeted and effective results over general directory searches

Proven. Robust. Effective

89% of adults who completed our Screening Tool self-served and did not make a referral to the local authority for an assessment.

Part 2

The second half offers the option to make an electronic referral into adult social care, inputting personal details and further information about their needs.

Using the tool, citizens are offered:

  • A direct electronic referral for further discussion / assessment
  • An opportunity to elaborate on the current situation, including availability of informal support and potentially prompting a carers assessment

Self Assessment and Information Guide

Coventry's screening and information tool helps citizens to determine how likely they are to be eligible for care and support, as well as enabling them to access information, advice and services to live independently and improve their wellbeing.

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